Mayakovsky, IOWA and Korni bands perform 1 June for children of Belgorod region

03 June 2015

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation organized a concert in honour of International Children’s Day at Stary Oskol’s PromAgro stadium on 1 June, 2015.

Mayakovsky, IOWA and Korni music bands all performed a concert for children of the Belgorod region. Karina Fatullayeva and Dmitry Shvornev hosted the event.

Students of Stary Oskol, Razumnoe, Belgorod “North” and “South” children’s homes and residents of Gubkin, Korocha, Chernyanka Social Rehabilitation Centres for Minors and Stary Oskol District Social Care Institution were invited to the charity concert.

Also there to enjoy the event were school activists from Stary Oskol, grades 8 to 11 as well as the winners of a quiz organized with the assistance of the event’s media-sponsor Europe Plus radio. A total of 5,500 people attended the concert.

The festival also held the award ceremony for the Kindness Will Save the World essay contest, run by the Foundation for students at social care institutions. The authors of the best works received gifts and prizes.

A bright show featuring pop-stars in honour of International Children’s Day is a traditional event for the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation. A similar concert was organized in the Kursk region. Sati Kazanova, Yury Titov and Gradusy music band performed their songs for the children of Zheleznogorsk on June 1, 2015.


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