The St. Petersburg Maly Drama Theatre hosted the premiere of their “Gaudeamus”, a production whose run has been made possible with the support of Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation

25 September 2014

The Maly Drama Theatre — Theatre of Europe (MDT) has hosted the premiere of the play ”Gaudeamus”, directed by Lev Dodin on September 15, 2014.

MDT has kept the legendary director’s play in its repertoire since 1990 and it was Dodin’s first time working on the ”Сonstruction Battalion” story by Sergei Kaledin. ”Gaudeamus” was awarded the State Prize in 1993. The play was met with thunderous applause almost everywhere in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the United States.

And now Lev Dodin is once again turning to Kaledin’s work, whose protagonists are army recruits in endless training, interspersed with dreams of beautiful life and love. The plot, based on army life, addresses panhuman ideas based on universal concepts and laws of existence. That is why issues of love and betrayal, cynicism and innocence, moral purification and cowardice come through much stronger than the military motif.

Looking at the relationships between the young soldiers, perhaps to their surprise, the audience may find a snapshot of society, with problems that to some extent, continue to concern each of us.

”Gaudeamus” is a story, part sad and part humorous narrated in the language of young people and describing them. The play was created by the young generation of Lev Dodin’s famous troupe.

”Gaudeamus” — ”So Let Us Rejoice” — is a student anthem in Latin. The name is formed from the first word of the song which is also known under the name ”De brevitate vitae” (”On the Shortness of Life”).

Six months earlier, in the spring of 2014, the Theatre of Europe hosted the premiere of ”Cherry Orchard” with the support of the Foundation. This was Lev Dodin’s second reprisal of the famous masterpiece by Chekhov. The play was staged for the first time 20 years ago, in 1994.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation, being a partner of the St. Petersburg Maly Drama Theatre, provides constant support to its various projects.


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