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Concert in Lachinovo village concludes New Year’s programme at sponsored institutions

Together with the animators, pupils of the school decorated a Christmas tree in their school’s newly refurbished dining room. Each child got a chance to participate in this merry tradition of the winter festivities. When the tree was ready, the children moved to another room where they were met by a group of artists offering face-painting. Returning to the dining room, the pupils of the Oktyabrskaya Residential School had a big surprise — under the Christmas tree piles of unexpected gifts were waiting for them! Toy cars, dolls, soft toys were prepared by the Foundation to help the young charges of the school celebrate the New Year. The festivities finished with a tea party with original “Chepenie” cookies.

The Director of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation, Maria Krasnikova, said: “The official opening of the refurbished Oktyabrskaya Residential school was on 19 November 2013. Work on the reconstruction of the school for orphans and disabled children in Lachinovo village has lasted for two years. It’s nice that less than a month after the renovation we were able to provide the institution not only with household and study essentials, but also hold a celebration for the children. Hopefully, the pupils of Oktyabrskaya Residential School see in 2014 in a happy mood!”

Further winter festivities included an ice show in the town on Zheleznogorsk, on December 8th. The ice show The Snow Queen was attended by four of the foundation’s sponsored child-care institutions: Novoandrosovo Children’s Home, and three residential schools in Verkhniy Lubazh, Ivanovo, and Kursk.

Due to the remote location of the Oktyabrskaya Residential school, the New Year’s celebrations for the pupils of this special-care school were organised directly on its premises.

Earlier, similar celebrations were held at another institution for orphans and children without parental care, the Lyudinovo Special-Care Residential School (Kaluga Region). On December 13, the children saw a play called, The New Year’s Shine, in a new auditorium, renovated with the support of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.