Archives of World-Renowned Defectologists Digitized with Support of Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation

06 October 2015

TASS news agency held a press-conference on October 5, 2015 to report on the completion of digitising the archives of Soviet defectologists who specialized in problematics of deafblindness.

This refers to the extraordinary academic pursuits of pioneers in deaf-blind education, Ivan Sokolianskii and Aleksander Mescheriakov, which served as the basis of the so-called “Zagorsky experiment” on teaching deaf-blind children. Their work resulted in the outstanding success of four deaf-blind graduates of the Zagorsky orphanage (now Sergiev Posad Deaf-blind Children’s Home). They entered the Faculty of Psychology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, graduated from it with honours and achieved impressive results in their profession. All new methods of educating deaf-blind people in Great Britain, Germany, Holland, India and USA are based on this research.

The project of transforming the unique scientific legacy of Ivan Sokolianskii and Aleksander Mescheriakov into electronic form was implemented by the Deaf-blind Support Fund So-edinenie, with support from the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation. Dmitry Polikanov, president of the Deaf-blind Support Fund So-edinenie spoke of the importance of this large-scale work (more than 80 thousand archived documents were digitized and are already available on the Internet): “Our goal is to preserve this historical legacy created by Soviet science. The documents should be available in electronic form. There are also some materials that were not published and constitute a large layer of knowledge for future generations of researchers, scientists and teachers”.

It was explained at the press-conference how to correctly use the archives and what additional features they have.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation has been cooperating with the Deaf-blind Support Fund So-edinenie since 2014.


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