Concept of ART-OKNO Cultural Platform and Plans for 2019

The art festival, which has been providing an introduction to the best examples of modern and classical art for residents of the Belgorod Region for two years, will be transformed into a cultural platform in 2019. Stariy Oskol will become a pilot platform for the implementation of the changes that were discussed at the round table titled “Culture as a Driver of Urban Environment Development”.

The “Art, Science and Sport” Foundation presented a new format of its ART-OKNO festival in 2019. To this end, representatives of the government, cultural communities (museums, the Central Concert Hall, theatres, educational institutions and others), active youth and mass media were invited to the conference hall of “Iceberg Premium Hotel”. The purpose of the meeting was designated by the round table moderator, general director of “Platform” social design centre Alexey Firsov, “We are not just presenting a new format of the ART-OKNO festival. This meeting can be considered a working session at which managers of the ‘Art, Science and Sport’ Foundation and the ART-OKNO festival WINDOW want to hear the ideas and suggestions of the round table participants and, possibly, adjust their plans.”

From “donorship” to partnership

There are two roles in the traditional charity model, the “donor” and the “recipient”. The process is simple: the first one provides resources and the second one utilizes them. Among the key shortcomings of this approach, experts highlight the limited resources of the “donor” and the lack of qualitative growth of the “recipient”.

“Previously, the foundation was the ‘donor’, but it’s time to shift from this role to the partnership model,” said Fatima Mukhomedzhan, Deputy Director of the Foundation. We are aimed at an equitable dialogue and joint formation of success criteria. After providing financial, organizational or expert support, we expect that we will be able to launch our own development mechanisms."

The round table organizers consider that if the new approach is implemented, culture can become a driver for the development of the urban environment, which means that the city will develop through the development of cultural communities.

ART-OKNO: new areas of work

The ART-OKNO develops from an art festival into a cultural platform, opening up new areas of work. Meetings with representatives of urban communities, discussions and round tables will be conducted as part of the business program which will be aimed at establishing an open and honest dialogue.

Also, an educational cultural management program was announced by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. It will start in February and last four months. During this time, its participants will be taught the basics of management in the museum, library, theatre sectors and other cultural areas.

The plans for 2019 include holding grant competitions for cultural projects, as well as competitions for people of creative professions.

A Permanent Art Platform Will Be Installed in Stariy Oskol

In Stariy Oskol (and later in other cities where the ART-OKNO is present, including Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk, Novotroitsk), a permanent art platform will be opened to bring together cultural communities for establishing a creative dialogue and common development.

The Foundation’s Philosophy Principle: “Do Good”

The plans about which managers of the “Art, Science and Sport” Foundation and the ART-OKNO told would be impossible to implement without two things: the philosophy of Alisher Usmanov, the Foundation founder, and loyal involvement of regional and municipal authorities.

“The Foundation’s philosophy principle is ‘Do Good’. An example of this is our leader Alisher Usmanov, who, being a generous man, is committed to sharing the best. It was Alisher Burkhanovich who gave the message of promoting modern and classical art so that in all the cities of his company’s presence citizens would feel involved in high art,” Fatima Mukhomedzhan noted.

Text: Olga Ulyanova
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