121609, г. Москва, Рублевское шоссе, 28


АRT-OKNO ON AIR in Zheleznogorsk

Winnie the Pooh, Carlson and other cartoon characters created by “Soyuzmultfilm” film studio paraded down the main street of Zheleznogorsk. The central square of Zheleznogorsk was transformed into a real entertainment city where citizens of all ages could enjoy football freestyle, fun runs, table tennis, extreme sports and workshops.

On the dance floor, one could learn to dance. Hip-hop, zumba-fitness, Latin American dances were taught to festival guests of all ages.

For the whole day, interactive performances and even a science show were shown on the main stage. During the day, visitors could take pictures with their favourite cartoon characters.

The key festival event was special demonstrations by “Soyuzmultfilm” for children and adults. Those were modern multi-stories not shown on the big screen, which means that the citizens of Zheleznogorsk were one of the first to watch them.

A large-scale open-air holiday held in the city square with a special program from the legendary “Soyuzmultfilm” film studio was a gift from the ART-OKNO art festival. For one and a half years of ART-OKNO existence, residents of the cities where Metalloinvest is present including Gubkin, Stariy Oskol, Novotroitsk and, of course, Zheleznogorsk could watch and participate in more than 250 events.

Throughout the day, those who attended workshops received coupons for participation in a raffle of a family tour to Moscow to visit the “Soyuzmultfilm” film studio. Hundreds of boys and girls, as well as their parents struggled for the prize. That time, the fortune smiled upon the Marakhins family. They became the winners, and in August they will participate in the excursion and educational program by “Soyuzmultfilm”.

Taras Stanin, the champion of Russia in beatbox, conducted an exciting workshop for Zheleznogorsk students at which he taught children and adults to imitate sounds of musical instruments.

The evening festival program included a performance by Ivan Chebanov, a singer, composer and participant of “The Voice” show. The final note of the city festival was fireworks, which painted the night sky over Zheleznogorsk with bright colours.