The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation participated in the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi

On February 15, 2018, the event was held regarding launching the NPO Laboratory — a new innovative social platform of the Rosсognress Foundation supported by the Art, Science and Sport Foundation.

Within the same space for presentation of work of the Russian NPO, one of the key discussions was the session Charity Tomorrow: Trends that Change the Social Sphere; thus, the talk was about one of the main trends — symbiosis and harmonious work between business, charity and society.

As noted by Deputy Director of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation Fatima Mukhomedzhan, mistrust by society of charity foundations is a serious barrier. “We are a private foundation, we don’t have to raise funds. We give people of the regions, including towns, cultural events of a very high-level — guest performances of the best capital’s theatres, maestro Spivakov and the Russian State Philharmonic Orchestra, Moiseyev’s Ensemble. Our events are charitable, tickets are distributed free of charge through web-site, and even in this case we face hesitance, mistrust on the part of the audience. People register for an event, and then they don’t come. Here mass media play a very important role, as they should tell about good deeds, about mentorship, form an image of charity in people’s minds”.

In addition, the Rosсongress Foundation supported by the Art, Science and Sport Foundation opened on the stand of the NPO Laboratory an exhibition of picture stories about contemporary philanthropy “OBJECTive Charity” organized by the Donor Forum. Within the Laboratory, the Art, Science and Sport Foundation, the Deaf-Blind Support Foundation “Inter-Connection” and Sensor-Tech Laboratory represented a joint project “A Bionic Eye: New Opportunities for a Human”. The first Russian patient, who received a retinal implant, Grigory Ulyanov, demonstrated new abilities of vision and showed the audience real tricks.

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