The Laurencia Ballet is among the laureates of the UK National Dance Award

10 November 2010

The Laurencia Ballet of St. Petersburg’s Mikhailovsky Theatre became one of three finalists of the UK National Dance Award 2010 in the field of classical dance. The ballet’s revival was supported by the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.

During the theatre’s UK summer tour, Laurencia was shown on the stage of the London Coliseum and enjoyed great success with the audience and critics.

This ballet first was staged at the Kirov Theatre in pre-war 1939. The plot is based on The Sheep Well, a play by Lope de Vega, with music by Alexander Krein. In this historic production the title role was danced by the inimitable Natalia Dudinskaya, and the male lead, Frondoso, was danced by the choreographer himself, Vakhtang Chabukiani. This time, Chabukiani’s masterpiece was recreated by the Chief Choreographer of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, Mikhail Messerer.

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Recreating the Legendary Laurencia Ballet

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation supported the revival of the Laurencia ballet, initiated by the Mikhailovsky Theatre in honour of the 100th anniversary of its creator, the great dancer and choreographer, Vakhtang Chabukiani.


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