Master Classes by Honoured Musicians in Belgorod

28 March 2016

Between 20 and 25 March, seminars and master classes were given by two distinguished musicians in Belgorod with the support of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation. They were music professor at the Moscow Conservatory, People’s Artist of Russia, Irina Bochkova and assistant professor at the Moscow Conservatory, Honoured Culture Worker of Russia, Marina Keselman.

Taking part in the events were teachers at children’s music and arts schools as well as students of Belgorod music colleges and colleges from the wider region, among them Gubkin and Stary Oskol.

“I had wonderful music teachers so I want to give others that same knowledge and experience. Children are very impressionable, and with positive encouragement, even after a short course of lessons they could become motivated, after which their lives will change and everything will start to happen very differently,” said Marina Keselman about the meeting.

The Master Classes were a part of the “Class from a Maestro” project of the Art Science and Sport Charity Foundation, set up to support classical music education in Russia: improving teaching methods, promoting music among young people and helping young talents.


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