The exhibition of Constantin Brancusi opened in MAMM

An exhibition of Constantin Brancusi, one of the most influential and famous sculptor of the XX century, was arranged for the first time in Russia in the Multimedia Art museum within the parallel 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art with the support of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.

This is the first time when the artworks of Constantin Brancusi from the Pompidou Centre collection, were exhibited abroad.

The exposition demonstrated different angles of great artist’s talent: sculptures, drawings, photography and films. Ezra Pound, who was a close friend of the artist, wrote: “Brancusi’s artworks have a cumulative impact. He created the whole world of the FORM. One should see his artworks cumulatively. It is his system and vision.”

Brancusi was an innovator and an experimentalist. He used different materials audaciously combining wood, stone, bronze and marble in his artworks. His atelier was a real “alchemical laboratory”, where he sought a way to communicate his world perception using all available media means.

Everyone knows that Constantin Brancusi was a great sculptor. The entire world knows his artworks that became a symbol of new modern approach in the art. Although, only few knows him as an excellent photographer and films creator whose works were legitimately recognised as the legacy of the modernism epoque.

The photography took a vast place in his art. Constantin Brancusi was not always happy with the photos of his artworks, and he started to make the photos himself. Since 1914, he made thousands of photos, the majority of which were the shots of his sculptures and his work atelier.

An important part of the exposition in MAMM was the drawings of Constantin Brancusi, including the famous portraits of James Joyce created as an illustration for frontispiece of his book “Tales of Shem and Shaun”; sketches of animals, drawing in pencil of sculptures, portraits and self-portraits. All these masterpieces are fulfilled with the ideas of movements, life and metamorphoses as much as anything touched by the great artist.

The exhibition in the Multimedia Art museum was opened from the 16th September to the 13th December 2017.

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