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The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation together with the Directorate of Social Programs of the Roscongress Foundation open the Social Communication Development Centre

The social platform, as a global international platform of the Roscongress Foundation, is engaged in covering and promoting the activities of the NPO LAB participants within various areas of the social agenda at the intersection of main sectors of the society — government, business, non-profit organizations, and media. Presentation of the Social Communication Development Centre within the framework of the largest forum with participation of business and government representatives provides great potential for finding effective solutions in such social areas as education and awareness-raising, environmental protection and development of territories, creation of the social inclusion culture and the social-oriented society.

The Centre will become a significant part of the social communication infrastructure. After all, social communication in various formats is a powerful tool for shaping public opinion and involving people in useful initiatives. Communication makes us think about serious social problems of a particular city and about people in need who are besides us, better understand contemporary global challenges of the society, and also create a healthy and responsible approach to our own lives.

The Social Communication Development Centre integrates the resources and capabilities of the state, non-profit organizations, businesses, and creative industries for development of various formats of social communication in order to efficiently solve socially significant problems.

The objectives of the Centre for 2018-2019 are to:

  • Analyse the level of development of social communication in Russia, study trends and problems, identify trends, best practices, and opinion leaders
  • Build a circle of interested partners from different areas who are ready to participate in different formats of the Centre’s activities
  • Involve non-profit organizations, business companies, public institutions in cooperation, help to develop promising projects
  • Support through competitions the best projects in the field of social communications
  • Create an online catalogue of the best practices of social communication in the world, own pages and video channels for collecting and sharing information about social communication

Leading Russian and foreign experts told in more details about the project itself, as well as how the non-profit sector can benefit from business, why it is necessary to solve social problems systemically and globally, and how to change social behaviour patterns for the better, creating an inclusive society of caring people. The Social Communication Development Centre is an effective platform for sharing experience and views at the global level, for presenting best cases and practices, and for mutually beneficial international cooperation in solving social problems.

* The NPO Laboratory is an innovative social platform of the Roscongress Foundation with the main goal to promote and support development of systemic charity in Russia and consolidation of the non-profit sector at the international level.

* Social communication (social advertising) represents all types of outdoor, audio, and video information aimed at informing the society about socially significant problems and involvement in their solution.