Lipetsk Hosts Master Classes by Honored Musicians

25 February 2016

On 24 and 25 February 2016, the city of Lipetsk hosted master classes provided by famous musicians. The event took place as part of the “Class from a Maestro” project of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation with the support of the Lipetsk Region’s Department of Culture and Art.

Polina Fedotova, pianist, Meritorious Artist of Russia, Associate Professor at the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Alexander Trostyansky, violinist, also a Meritorious Artist of Russia and Professor at the Moscow State Conservatory, and Edyta Fil, flautist, winner of international competitions, soloist for the “Gallery of Actual Music” ensemble all met with gifted talents from the cities of Lipetsk, Voronezh and Tambov.

Vladislav I. Bulakhov, conductor and artistic director of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra “The Seasons” was the guest of honour at the event.

“There are a lot of talented children in Russia, and that is the main reason for musicians from the Russian capital to deliver different kinds of master classes. Those who took part this time have been enjoying their partnership with ‘‘The Seasons’’ orchestra for decades, all of them are first-class artists with extensive experience in teaching. This is a real gift for young musicians making their first steps” — said Vladislav I. Bulakhov in an interview.

Around 45 children from Lipetsk, Tambov and Voronezh took part in master-classes. In addition to master-classes a free concert was held at Igumnov College of Arts in Lipetsk. Music schools students and teachers listened to the works of Chopin, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Metner, Marais and other prominent composers performed by distinguished musicians.

“A well-conducted master class is a seed put into fertile soil, which sooner or later will bear fruit. The concert is a sort of a lesson too, which demonstrates how to present compositions to the public”, — said Alexander Trostyansky during a press conference.

The most talented and promising young performers were selected according to the results of the master classes. In April, after extra classes with the same teachers, they will take part in a concert tour of “The Seasons” orchestra, where they will be able to get the experience of performing alongside a professional symphony orchestra.


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