St. Petersburg Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe presents Hamlet

12 April 2016

On 10 April 2016, the Maly Drama Theatre — Theatre of Europe presented the play Hamlet, which was created with the support of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation. The production was directed by Lev Dodin, the Artistic Director of the MDT and a People’s Artist of Russia.

The genre of the play was billed as a “stage-composition.” In addition to Shakespeare’s play, the script included texts written by the medieval European chroniclers Saxo Grammaticus and Raphael Holinshed, as well as Boris Pasternak.

The cast included Danila Kozlovsky (Hamlet), Elizaveta Boyarskaya (Ophelia), Ksenia Rappoport (Gertrude), Igor Chernevich (Claudius), Stanislav Nikolsky (Polonius), Sergei Kuryshev (Horatio), Igor Ivanov (Marcellus), and Sergey Kozyrev (Bernardo).

Lev Dodin explained that work on the production was not an easy task; at the onset, it was difficult to imagine the final result.

“For any director, Hamlet presents a serious opportunity to think about and personally identify the main problem of the day; suddenly, what the character represents in the modern-day becomes clear. Every time period gives a different answer to the question ‘Who is Hamlet today?’ This is why all Hamlets are different,” described Lev Dodin, in an interview with the Teatralny Gorod magazine.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation has supported the projects of the Maly Drama Theatre — Theatre of Europe since 2007. The partnership has led to the creation of such productions as The Cherry Orchard (2014), Gaudeamus (2014), and Chocolate Cream Soldier (2015).


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