Reconstruction of Medical Facility at Kursk Residential School No. 2 Complete

05 November 2015

A unique medical facility at Kursk Residential School No. 2 welcomed its first visitors on November 3, 2015. The school became the first educational institution in the Kursk region to specialise in psychological, educational, medical and social assistance to children with musculoskeletal disorders with such advanced equipment. The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Kursk region, Alexander Mikhailov and Deputy Health Minister, Tatyana Yakovleva.

The medical facility at Kursk Residential School No. 2 was reconstructed, renovated and equipped with financial support from the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation, which donated 72 million rubles.

The director of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation Maria Krasnikova said: “Previously, the boarding school’s students needed to undergo rehabilitation by means of resort therapy and consultations. As a rule, several times a year the children were sent to centres in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which presented certain logistical difficulties, disruption of the study process, additional costs for the parents of the children with disabilities. Now, thanks to the new modern medical treatment building integrated with the residential school, children are able to undergo rehabilitation any time of day, without disrupting their studies or leaving their residence. Thus, the new medical facility provides children not only with a high level of care, but also increases their living standards.”

The decision on the reconstruction was made in December 2012, followed by large-scale works lasting three years. Massive improvements took place: systems installation and redecoration. The building has undergone significant changes: doorways were enlarged, corridors extended with additionally installed stairs and elevator shafts. Simultaneously, the whole premises underwent landscaping with a new fence installed. The next step was to equip the medical facility in accordance with modern requirements.

Today, Kursk Residential School No. 2’s medical facility is a spacious three-storey building consisting of three departments (preventive care, physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment), comprising twenty-six rooms for procedures, vaccination, isolation, halochamber treatment, hydro-massage, hydropathic treatment, heat and electrophototherapy, manual therapy, oxygen and mechanotherapy, space orientation, inhalation and aromatherapy, electrosleep therapy, individual and group exercises, UHF-therapy etc.

In addition to treatment of specific musculoskeletal pathologies and motor function disorders of various origins, the new medical block provides immune system stimulation and restorative procedures.

The new building is equipped with state of the art medical equipment, specially purposed furniture, appliances, and sports and exercises inventory. For a wide range of procedures the block contains a power shower, ascending, rain and circulation showers, dental unit, hydro-massage and spine traction bath with an integrated lift, oxygen concentrator, ultrasound therapy, low-frequency physiotherapy, centimeter wave and magnetic therapy, halogen generator, plantography unit and negatoscope, ozokerite and paraffin heating devices and more. Rehabilitation treatment rooms are equipped with parallel wall bars, game mazes and ladders, playmats and soft inlays, massage balls and exercise rolls, treadmills, stationary cycles, Imitron walk simulators and other equipment. Of particular importance are the unique passive joint development tools (for knees, hips, ankles, shoulders and wrists), not available in any other rehabilitation centre of the Kursk region.

In order to ensure a barrier-free environment the rooms have been equipped with ergonomic handles and handrails, coloured wall guardrails and reinforced fences with two-level handrails on stairways.

To ensure a positive experience for children, the block’s interior wall design is inspired by famous cartoon characters, hand painted by the students of the Kursk State University’s Art and Graphics Department.

The block’s design solution is based on the idea that conscientious work leads to imminent problem-solving. The first floor is dedicated to Hope, and is decorated in shades of green and adorned with a large piece of artwork depicting a bent sapling. On the second floor, painted in blue, the sapling transforms into a flowering, growing tree, symbolising progress. The orange, third floor sends a message of the children’s fruitful efforts: a fully-grown tree yields its first fruit.

Marina Khmelevskaya, director of Kursk Residential School No. 2 said: “Thanks to the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation our children will have a unique opportunity to study and receive medical, educational and social rehabilitation in a single institution. This new facility will be the first in the Kursk region, with such high-level comprehensive assistance provided to children with musculoskeletal disorders.”

The opening of a specialised medical block for children with musculoskeletal disorders is an important milestone in social development in the Kursk region. Immediately after the block opens it will start providing treatment to the school’s students. Currently, the school is home to 81 students, including 26 orphans and children left without parental care and 21 disabled children among them. A system of interdepartmental cooperation is being developed, which will allow the medical block to assist all children in the Kursk region in need of treatment and rehabilitation, regardless of the institution they are in.


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