Founder of Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation, Alisher Usmanov, Named “Patron of the Year”

14 December 2015

The National Awards Ceremony for “Patron of the Year” took place at the 4th St. Petersburg international cultural forum.

The panel of experts awarded Russian businessman and founder of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation, Alisher Usmanov the honorary title.

Among the country’s many philanthropic projects, the organising committee of the National “Patron of the Year” Award, singled out the following activities of Mr. Usmanov:

“Alisher Usmanov’s contributions to theatres, museums and sport allow us to say he is a great philanthropist”, said Irina Antonova, president of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

“For me and for the society as a whole, philanthropy manifests itself in one way — people must love each other as they love themselves”, said Alisher Usmanov. “If you have an opportunity to do something and, in the world of money, it can be done with the help of financial participation, you must do it according to your business success. Especially, if your success allows you to choose the size of your donations”.

The Russian Ministry of Culture established the “Patron of the Year” award. The main goal of the award is to incentivise philanthropy and sponsorship by businesses, institutions and organisations, as well as private individuals towards culture and the arts in the Russian Federation.


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