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Medical examination of the pupils of the Sergiev Posad Deaf-blind Children’s Home

Many orphanage pupils need surgical treatment, which is available only at a small number of Russian clinics, given the complexity of some of the defects. Furthermore, it’s not always possible to identify the need for surgical intervention directly at the orphanage or at district hospitals. In June 2012, the Sergiev Posad Deaf-blind Children’s Home approached the Foundation with a request to send visually impaired children for medical diagnostic in Moscow.

The medical examination of the Sergiev Posad orphans was performed in one of the capital’s best vision correction clinics. Each child received an accurate diagnosis, prescriptions for appropriate treatments, and an examination schedule was drawn up. During the diagnostic, specialists from the International Ophthalmology Centre found that one of the pupils, a girl who from birth could barely distinguish the outlines of objects, would be able to have her vision almost completely restored after surgery. The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation provided the necessary support for the operation, and now 16 -year-old Maria Kotova sees the world in all its colours!