121609, г. Москва, Рублевское шоссе, 28


New and improved garage and sports centre in Mytischi Children’s Home and Music School

The complex consists of a garage block for a bus, cars and a ski depot, which includes locker rooms, showers, drying room for shoes, ski racks and a pneumatic shooting range with six targets, where this summer the first competition has already been held — Shooting Championship of the school.

All cubicles and lockers for sports equipment and outfits are strictly personal — each child has a ski suit and a private place to store it.

Besides the garage/sports complex, multi-room apartment No.5 was also renovated, i.e. three bedrooms, a bathroom, a classroom, a shower room and a guestroom.

Director of Mytischi Children’s Home and Music School, Nadezhda Chirkova, said: “It’s such a wonderful, generous thing to do. When children feel such sincere attention and care they also learn to do good and begin to understand how important it is in life not only to take but to give.”

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation has been supporting Mytischi Children’s Home and Music School since 2007.