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A week of free eye surgeries took place in Perm

Vitreoretinal surgeons performed a series of surgeries for patients with severe retinal diseases in Three-Z Perm Ophthalmology Clinic. Today vitreoretinal surgery allows you to return vision in seemingly hopeless situations in which a patient remained blind 10 years ago. The patients were the residents of Perm and nearby areas, whose financial capabilities do not allow them to seek emergency medical care.

Every day the number of patients requiring retinal surgery is increasing. This is due to new diagnostic capabilities, allowing to identify pathology in the early stages. At the same time, the question of the availability of vitreoretinal treatment remains open in many Russian cities, where obtaining quotas under state guarantees is a long process, and treatment in eye clinics at its own expense is a difficult financial problem.

“Today, treatment of retina diseases is a particularly acute problem. Vitreoretinal surgeries fall in the high-tech category, and consumables for their implementation are expensive and inaccessible for most of the older generation, therefore, they are mainly carried out under state guarantees.

At the same time, obtaining quotas for free treatment is often a long process, and in the case of retinal diseases such as detachment, age-related macular degeneration, exudative form, the slightest delay in treatment can turn into a catastrophe of irreversible loss of vision,” comments Tatiana Avanesova, Candidate of Medical Science, Chairman of the Retina Diseases Research and Treatment Foundation, Vitreoretinal Surgeon of the Three-Z Clinic.