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Foundation Stages Nutcracker New Year Ice Show for Belgorod Region Children

Invited to attend the show were foster children from the following eight children’s social care institutions in the Belgorod Region: students at Stary Oskol Children’s Home, Razumnoe Сhildren’s Home, Belgorod North and „South” children’s homes as well as young persons in care at social and rehabilitation centres for minors in the Korocha, Chernyanka, Gubkin and Stary Oskol Districts.

„You would not believe how excited our students were about the journey from Chernyanka to the city of Gubkin, how they looked forward to the show’s beginning, and how they shared their experiences in the show’s intermission! It is very important to them”, said Yelena Rybakova, a teacher at Chernyanka Social Rehabilitation Centre for Minors.

Attending The Nutcracker as guests were also students at several secondary schools in the city of Gubkin who attained good grades in their studies, in arts, sports and social life. In total, the ice show was attended by 1,200 children.