On 1 June, Nyusha, Yegor KReeD and Andrey Gaydulyan put on a show for the children of Zheleznogorsk

04 June 2014

On June 1, 2014, the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation organized a festive concert dedicated to International Children’s Day for the young residents of Zheleznogorsk, where Russian pop stars, Nyusha and Yegor KReeD performed, and actor of theatre and film, Andrei Gaydulyan filled the role of master of ceremonies.

Despite the rain, about 4,000 people invited by the Foundation gathered at Miner Stadium. They included over three hundred children from children’s homes and residential foster schools of the Kursk region: Kursk Residential School No. 2, Kursk Children’s Home, Ivanovo Residential School, Klyukvino Special-Care Clinic and Residential School, Verhniy Lyubazh Residential School and Novoandrosovo Children’s Home, as well as the pupils of Zheleznogorsk secondary schools who showed outstanding progress in studies, arts, sports or social life.

The celebratory charity event, which lasted more than three hours, opened with a performance by Tak Bivaet, a group of young musicians from Zheleznogorsk. Following that, the results of an essay contest on the topic “My Motherland”, initiated by the Foundation for the pupils of its sponsored social care institutions, were announced. Out of 67 essays received by the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation, five essays turned out to be the most informative, expressive and dramatically written. The contest winners, Vadim Bobrinev, Maxim Chechetkin, Tatiana Artamonova, Denis Pozdnyakov and Catherine Palmtag were awarded valuable prizes by the Foundation.

Immediately after the award ceremony, its master, Andrei Gaydulyan, announced the performance of one the most popular Russian hip-hop artists, Yegor KReeD, and in the final part of the show the audience enjoyed a performance by popular singer, Nyusha. After the event, the pupils of the children’s homes and residential schools were able to take pictures with their idols and receive their autographs.

The Director of Kursk Residential School No. 2, Marina Hmelevskaya, said: “These are some of the children’s impressions: ‘Yegor is super’, ‘We had a very good time’, ‘Dreams have come true’. When we see that our children are happy, joyful and smiling, we understand that events like this really are necessary. And we would like to thank our good friends, the Art, Science, and Sport Charity Foundation for bringing such happiness to the children.”

A spectacular show featuring stars on the International Children’s Day is a traditional activity of the Art, Science, and Sport Charity Foundation. A year ago, on June 1, a concert was organized in Zheleznogorsk for the pupils of the children’s homes and residential schools of the Kursk region with participation of Sergei Lazarev, GeeGun, 5sta Family, and Anastasia Kochetkova, a graduate of Star Factory-4 Project.


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