Opening of “Objective Philanthropy” Exhibition

On September 6, 2018, an exhibition of photo stories of the finalists of the “Objective Philanthropy” contest was opened in Taganskiy Recreation Park. The contest is held by the “Donors Forum”, the largest association of grantmaking and charity organizations in Russia with the support of the “Art, Science and Sport” Foundation for the seventh time, and the organizers are confident that the inspiring photos of the finalists have drawn attention to the very fact of the existence of charity organizations and the changes that occur thanks to their work.

A distinctive feature of the “Objective Philanthropy” contest is that both a picture and the explanatory story to it are evaluated equally. Among 208 applications, the jury selected 18 the most sincere and expressive photos of the everyday life and holidays of charity organizations that save, treat, teach, protect, support people by word or deed, and talk about the culture of philanthropy in Russia.

The “Donors Forum” gladly shares photo histories about the charitable activities of foundations that talk about their work brightly and fascinatingly, getting people interested without provoking pity or rejection.

Dmitriy Polikanov, the Chairman of the Board of the “Donors Forum”, began with an introductory explanation for the audience of the exhibition, “This is not just a captured moment, and there is a whole story behind each photograph, a story about the fate of an individual person.”

Mariya Melnichenko, the program director of the “Art, Science and Sport” Foundation, commented, “The ‘Donors Forum’ performs an important educational function at this photo exhibition, providing an opportunity for NPOs to interact more closely with society and mass media. We are happy to support the ‘Objective Philanthropy’ project, because it is an opportunity of combining the resources of charity, business and society to achieve a synergistic effect and qualitative success. This is an opportunity to increase the representation of socially responsible companies at major federal events, to include experts from the philanthropic and donor community in setting the state’s agenda and developing strategic decisions, as well as to provide authorities and society with the possibilities and potential of business to solve humanitarian challenges.”

Thanks to the support of the “Art, Science and Sport” Foundation, the exhibition will go on a tour around the country, where it will be arranged in public places, from parks and libraries to museums and airports.

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