1st International Youth Competition for Amateur Pianists: "Claviarium"

21 May 2011

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation supported “Claviarium”, the International Youth Competition for Amateur Pianists, which this year gathered nearly 30 young amateur pianists (students and university tutors aged 18 to 35) from around the world. The competition was held from 14 to 19 May, 2011, in Moscow, in the Great Hall of the Concert Centre of the National Research University — Higher School of Economics.

These kinds of competitions have long become a tradition at universities in Holland, Great Britain and France, endowing the universities with prestige not only as educational institutions, but also as cradles of culture.

The main objective of the “Claviarium” competition is to support young talents, expand their creative horizons and give an added incentive for the development of cultural exchange.


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