A Monument to Maya Plisetskaya

21 November 2016

A monument for one of the greatest ballet dancers of the 20th century, Maya Plisetskaya, has opened in Moscow. The project was financially supported by the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.

The grand opening of the monument took place on 20 November, on the ballerina’s birthday, which would have been her 91st.

The monument was erected in a small square named after Plisetskaya which was created a year ago on Bolshaya Dmitrovka, one of the capital’s most theatrical streets.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Moscow City Cultural Heritage Department, the Moscow City Architecture Committee, and the Tverskoy Municipal District, the initiative to create the monument was raised by Maya Plisetskaya’s husband and composer Rodion Shchedrin, a People’s Artist of the USSR.

The monument was created by Viktor Mitroshin, an Honoured Artist of Russia who was personally acquainted with the prima ballerina and who previously created the grand prix statuette of the ‘Maya’ award.

The height of the monument is 9 meters tall. Maya Plisetskaya is depicted as Carmen, one of her favourite dramatic characters. The pedestal is decorated with a theatre curtain falling to the ballerina’s feet.

“Our main task was to create an illusion of the ballerina soaring against the sky background. In our view, we succeeded — the sculpture is hovering in the air,” said Alexei Tikhonov, the architect of the project.

At the ceremony dedicated to Maya Plisetskaya’s monument opening, Rodion Shchedrin said that during one of her latest interviews, Maya Plisetskaya was asked what city she would like to live in. Her answer was: “It is not about where I would like to live — I already do live. This is Moscow!” Rodion Shchedrin said. “I think that today she was granted eternal domicile in her hometown,” he said.


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