Politicians, Pop Stars and KVN Comedians Competed at the Charity Football Match for the “Under the flag of Kindness” Campaign

13 June 2011

On June 12, 2011 the nationwide charity campaign “Under the flag of Kindness” organised a football match between the teams “Politicians and Pop Stars” (“Rosich-StarCo”) and “Team KVN” made up of the comedians from the famous “Club of the Funny and Inventive” Russian comedy show. After the game, the celebrated participants — Russian politicians, musicians and entertainers, presented 40 certificates for costly medical treatments to young spectators, who were at the Moscow Locomotive stadium to watch the game with their parents. The amount of targeted assistance distributed after the match came to 10,810,000 roubles.

“Why is it so important to us to attract attention to this charity campaign?” comments Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander Zhukov, team captain, “Of course, it’s not about the game itself, and not even just about collecting funds from sponsors and members of the public willing to support the charitable programs of ‘Under the flag of Kindness ’. We believe that charity itself, specific targeted assistance, works very much to heal the souls of all of us, the participants and the spectators.”

“Naturally, I think the public obligations of every prominent person include involvement in campaigns like ‘Under the flag of Kindness’.” said the acclaimed Russian actor Dmitry Kharatyan after the game, “It’s just normal human behaviour to want to help people in need, and especially children. Fame gives us a better opportunity to help people. I think, all of us believe in this idea of Paul McCartney’s.”

Despite not being the main objective of the event, the football game itself did not disappoint the spectators. The result was a victory of the pop stars’ and politicians’ team “Rosich-StarCo”, beating the “Team KVN” 5:2.

The sports and concert events of “Under the flag of Kindness” take place all over Russia, with regular “Rosich-StarCo” matches taking place since 2005.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation has supported the events of “Under the flag of Kindness” since 2008.


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