Celebration for the young inhabitants of the Sergiev Posad Deaf-blind Children’s Home

02 April 2013

On 2 April 2013 the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation organised an event for the young inhabitants of the Sergiev Posad Deaf-blind Children’s Home. The celebration was in honour of the publication of special books for children with visual disabilities.

The books were designed to help visually impaired children have easy access to the content. Illustrations were made ​​using materials that develop tactile sensation and specific colours were selected on their particular suitability to children with visual impairments.

A series of books with poetry by Samuil Marshak were published as a charity project by the Regional Public Charitable Organization, “Illustrated Books for Blind Children”, with the assistance of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation. The pupils of the Sergiev Posad Deaf-blind Children’s Home were the first to receive the books. In April 2013, the books were also sent to other children’s homes in different regions of Russia.

In addition, the Foundation donated 1 million roubles to organise summer holidays for the pupils. This served as a perfect occasion to arrange a party, with quizzes, actors and various interactive games. Professional animators organised a costume show and were able to dedicate time to each child — making balloon figures, painting faces and reading the donated books together.


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Books for visually impaired children

In the framework of its Assistance Program for Children’s Social Services Institutions, the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation has launched a new project. Nearly 1,000 books for visually impaired children were donated to various correctional child-care institutions all over Russia.


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