RazDvaTsvet Music Festival Inspires Kursk and Belgorod Regions on Children's Day

02 June 2016

On 1 June, 2016, traditional festive concerts took place in Zheleznogorsk in the region of Kursk and Gubkin in the region of Belgorod, all organised by the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.

This year, 2016, the annual events, usually hosted by the Foundation on Children’s Day, were brought together into a single children’s music festival named, RazDvaTsvet. A Seven-Coloured Flower was chosen as the festival’s logo, symbolising granted wishes and fulfilled childhood dreams.

This year Julianna Karaulova and the bands Pizza and Mayakovsky toured Zheleznogorsk to commemorate the celebration of youth. A local band Tak Bivaet (transl. “It Happens”) greeted visitors to the city’s central square where the concert took place. About 6,000 people gathered to listen to the pop-artists.

By the tradition, invitations to the concert in Zheleznogorsk were given to orphans and students of Kursk region residential schools, Kursk Children’s Home, Kursk Lyceum No. 1, Kursk Residential School for Deaf Children, Klyukvino Special-Care Clinic and Residential School, Ivanovo Residential School, the Perspective Centre for Psychological and Educational Assistance to Families with Children for Family Integration and Post Residential School Monitoring, Verhniy Lyubazh Residential School, Dmitriev Special Education General Residential School, Kursk Residential School No. 2., Students of the Zheleznogorsk School for Children with Special Educational Needs and Zheleznogorsk Polytechnic College also got the chance to enjoy the show.

The Zheleznogorsk newspaper Zheleznogorsk News and Zhelezo FM radio were partners of the event.

The city of Gubkin, in the region of Belgorod, helped host the holiday concert for the first time. The audience attending the Gornyak Stadium were able to enjoy performances by Basil, Mitya Fomin and 5sta Family. The festive programme was hosted by famous Belgorod TV-comedy group, The Moonlight Detective Agency. In total, the festival in Gubkin attracted about 4,000 spectators.

“Children are the most appreciative listeners. When we play for young audiences it’s always a touching experience, because we see unrestrained smiles and joy. We are always enthusiastic about participating in such events” said the guys from 5sta Family.

The concert was attended by students of the Razumnoe, Stary Oskol, Belgorod “North” and “South” Children’s Homes and by foster children of the Gubkin, Korocha and Chernyanka District Social Rehabilitation Centres for Minors and municipal social care institution from the Stary Oskol City District Social Protection System.

Student volunteers and activists helped organising the festival in both cities. Surprises were in store for the festival’s guests: free ice cream, cotton candy, face painting and balloons.

The story of RazDvaTsvet began in 2013 when the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation organised a concert for orphans in Zheleznogorsk with the town’s Culture Centre as the main venue. The excitement the show aroused in Zheleznogorsk’s youngest residents was the main reason for bringing the event to a higher level, with the next concert held at the city’s stadium. 4,000 children could attend the show in 2014 compared to 660 the previous year. A similar stadium-scale concert was held in the city of Stary Oskol, Belgorod region, in 2015.

During the four years of music events for children in the cities of the Kursk and Belgorod regions the shows featured prominent artists such as Sergey Lazarev, GeeGun, Nyusha, Yegor KReeD, Sati Kazanova, Yury Titov, Anastasia Kochetkova, 5sta Family, Mayakovsky, IOWA, Korni and Gradusy. In 2017, the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation plans to expand the music festival’s reach to new cities and regions.


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