Exhibition of Nobel Laureates’ Sketches Opens in Moscow

27 October 2015

On October 21, 2015, the grand opening of the interactive exhibition “Sketches of Science” was held in the GUM shopping centre. The exhibition was organized as part of the 5th annual Russian National Festival of Science NAUKA0+ with support from the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.

The exhibition brought together the famous photo sessions by celebrated photographer, Volker Steger, of Nobel Laureates and displayed at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. “Sketches of Science” attracted Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine such as Kurt Wüthrich, Frank Wilczek, George F. Smoot, Oliver Smithies, Carlo Rubbia, Martin Chalfie, Martinus Veltman, Robert B. Laughlin, Elizabeth Blackburn, Craig Mello, Robert Curl and many others. The portrait gallery shows how the Laureates of the most prestigious prize in the field of science see their discoveries in the form of drawings.

The opening of the exhibition in Moscow coincided with the presentation of a sketch of Zhores Ivanovich Alferov, a Nobel Laureate and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The portrait was created specially for the exhibition in Moscow and displayed here to the public for the first time. Starting from this day, the exhibition will continue its tour around the world with the portrait of the Russian scientist. The exhibition has already toured cities like Stockholm, Berlin, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and others.

The “Sketches of Science” exhibition dates in Moscow are October 21-30, 2015.


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