Moscow Sovremennik Theatre’s first tour to Novotroitsk

25 July 2014

On July 16 and 17, 2014 with the assistance of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation, the legendary Moscow Sovremennik Theatre, led by Artistic Director, Galina Volchek, toured the city of Novotroitsk for the first time in its history. The Moscow theatre put on two showings of the play, Five Evenings, for Novotroitsk’s viewers.

The play is based on the well-known eponymous play written by the famous Soviet playwright, Alexander Volodin. It is a simple, sentimental and simultaneously sensitive and modern story of a meeting between two elderly people, who found the strength to turn to face each other and to answer their own dreadful questions to gain the right to happiness through the truth they found. Sovremennik’s Five Evenings is one of those plays that persuades the viewers to look inside themselves and open their minds to changing things for the better.

The leading male part is played by People’s Artist of Russia, Sergey Garmash. The role of his beloved is played by Yevgeniya Simonova, also a People’s Artist of Russia. The brilliant cast also includes Shamil Khamatov, Polina Rashkina, Galina Petrova and Alexander Kahun.

On the eve of the show of Five Evenings, Sergey Garmash held creative meetings with citizens, which introduced fragments of films he had played in and provided an opportunity for a two-hour Q&A with the actor.

“Provincial viewers differ from viewers in the capital,” said Sergey Garmash. “I won’t go into details. Let’s just say that for a small town a play by a theatre of Sovremennik’s level is a much more significant event than for Moscow”.

A press conference was also held in the “Metallurg” Culture Centre in Novotroitsk as part of the tour. Answering journalists’ questions, Sovremennik’s assistant director, Yevgeniya Kuznetsova, said: “The theatre hasn’t got the means to make frequent visits to more remote Russian cities. And that’s where Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation helped us. This meeting with the audience in Novotroitsk was made possible only thanks to the efforts of the Foundation.”

The Foundation is a general partner of the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre, supporting all its initiatives and events.


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