Moscow Sovremennik Theatre Premieres ‘Late Love’ and ‘Lady’

21 November 2016

In Autumn 2016, The Moscow Sovremennik Theatre presented two new productions created with the support of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation: Late Love and Lady.

On October 7, the theatre performed Late Love, based on Alexander Ostrovsky’s play. The production was directed by Yegor Peregudov, the director of the Sovremennik Theatre, whose previous productions include The Time of Women, An Ardent Heart, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The co-author of the production was Artistic Director Maria Tregubova.

The Sovremennik Theatre presented viewers with an original reading of the work of the great playwright. The scenes take place in a white rectangle, which, along with the subtitles that display the notes to the play, create the perception of a screen and silent film.

Late Love is a play about the importance of using your last chance for happiness. It is about a woman’s heart, which yearns for love, and about how impending happiness can lead to the compromising of principles, giving away everything that is yours and that isn’t. The play stars Alyona Babenko, Marina Khazova, Nikolai Klyamchuk, Vasiliy Mishchenko, Elena Plaksina, Dmitrii Girev, and others.

On 19 November, the stage of the Sovremennik Theatre saw the premiere of Lady, based on the play by Tadeusz Rozewicz. The production was staged by the Polish theatre director Andrzej Buben, who previously staged the play Let’s Dance, based on the story of Lyudmila Ulitskaya, at the Sovremennik Theatre. Artist Anita Boyarskaya and composer Piotr Salaber also took part in the production.

Lady is an absurdist drama which combines elements from different genres; events take place outside of time and space after a series of seismic cataclysms on earth. The lady, played by the lead actress of the Sovremennik Theatre Marina Neyolova, yearns for a human life, while the people in the world are only concerned with survival. The play also stars Shamil Khamatov, Alexander Rapoport, Yelena Kozina, Polina Pakhomova, Polina Rashkina, Daria Frolova, Dmitrii Girev, and other actors of the Sovremennik Theatre.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation is the title partner of the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre. As part of the partnership in 2016, the public has been presented with the plays Don’t Leave Your Planet, Tell Me, People, where is this Train Going, and the club evening Neformat event.


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