Moscow Sovremennik Theatre Premieres ‘Don’t Leave Your Planet’ and ‘Tell Me, People, where is this Train Going…’

20 April 2016

In Spring 2016, The Moscow Sovremennik Theatre presented two new productions created with the support of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.

The play Don’t Leave Your Planet premiered on 30 and 31 March as part of the ‘Presenting our Friends’ project. One month earlier, the production was staged in Sochi as part of the 11th International Winter Festival of Arts, led by Yuri Bashmet.

Don’t Leave your Planet is based on an adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s play The Little Prince. The fantasy-play combines a dramatic actor, classical musicians, exceptional scenery, kinetic objects, and the latest developments in the field of video art.

A single actor is present on stage throughout the performance. Don’t Leave your Planet features an alternating cast of theatre and film actors Konstantin Khabensky and Arthur Smolyaninov.

The stage director, screenwriter, scenographer, and costume designer for the production was St. Petersburg director Victor Kramer. The musical accompaniment for the play is provided by the ‘Soloists of Moscow’ chamber ensemble, conducted by Yuri Bashmet.

The play Tell Me, People, Where is this Train Going... premiered on 15 April 2016 on the day of the 60th anniversary of the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre.

The play was performed on 15 and 16 April as part of the 16th ‘Cherry Forest’ Open Arts Festival.

The play centres on a piercing love story written by the young Yekaterinburg playwright Anna Buturina. The main characters—sergeants Maria Nebyliza and Matvei Kravchuk—whose relationship began during the war, find themselves in what turn out to be difficult emotional circumstances in the post-war period.

“I wrote about love, about dreams, about a girl, who—despite everything—doesn’t give up, because she will certainly win and achieve happiness!” says Anna Baturina about the play.

The director of the production was Marina Brusnikina, the scenographer was Nikolai Simonov, the choreographer was Nikolai Reutov. The main roles are performed by Viktoria Romanenko, Polina Pahomova, and Ilya Likov.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation is the title partner of the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre. Thanks to the partnership that began in 2014, the theatre has added such plays as Cinderella, Dedicated to Yalta, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Two for the Seesaw, and Decameron to its repertoire.


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