Moscow Sovremennik Theatre’s first tour to Belgorod and Kursk regions

29 June 2015

From June 25 to 28, 2015, the cities of Belgorod and Kursk regions hosted the tour of Moscow Sovremennik Theater under the direction of the legendary theatre director, Galina Volchek. This event was made possible with the support of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.

The play Five Evenings was shown at the Komsomolets Culture Centre in Stary Oskol on June 25 and at the Forum Culture Centre in Gubkin on June 26. The theatre troupe left the Belgorod region for Kursk and on June 28 the play was performed in Mikhailovsky GOK Centre of Culture and Technology in Zheleznogorsk.

The play is based on a well-known theatrical piece by Soviet playwright, Alexander Volodin. Exploring the love-story told in the masterpiece, the theatre turns to patterns in human relationships, rather than depicting the details of interaction between individuals. It is a story about time running backwards to a moment when two middle-aged people find themselves capable of love. It is a statement that the right to happiness is not a game of chance or a gift of fate. It can only be hard-won.

The Sovremennik told a simple, sentimental and contemporary story of how two elderly people find the strength to face each other, answer the most profound personal questions and through truth, earn the right to happiness. Sovremennik’s Five Evenings is one of those plays that make the viewer think, look inside himself and change for the better.

The leading male part is played by People’s Artist of Russia Sergey Garmash. The role of his beloved is played by Yevgeniya Simonova (Mayakovsky Theatre). The brilliant cast also includes Shamil Khamatov, Daria Belousova, Galina Petrova and Alexander Kakhun.

Artistic director of the Sovremennik theatre, Galina Volchek, said: “I am very pleased the Sovremennik got the opportunity to stage this play in Stary Oskol, Gubkin and Zheleznogorsk. Any tour evokes creative excitement in the actors and the theatre as a whole. Whether a small town or a capital city, it doesn’t matter. Change of location is a key issue.”

“All theatres and plays need a fresh audience. In this sense, our tour is a unique opportunity to communicate with exceptional, genuine people, who’s virtue keeps our country evolving” — said People’s Artist of Russia, Sergei Garmash.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation has been a general partner of the Moscow Sovremennik Theatre since 2013, supporting all of its initiatives.


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