Summer sports games for kids from children's social care institutions in the regions of Belgorod, Voronezh and Kursk

08 July 2014

In June-July 2014, sporting events were held in children’s homes and residential foster schools across the regions of Belgorod, Voronezh and Kursk. They were organized by the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation as a part of the „Summer of Fun” project.

Under the guidance of a professional moderator and entertainers, children competed in tests of agility and their ability to interact with each other.

The dynamic and diverse competitive programme included relay races, games and intellectual challenges. The programme was aimed to promote sport, improve the social adjustment of the children, create a positive emotional attitude and increase team spirit.

On June 30, competitions were held at the „Druzhba”, children’s camp, located in Boguchar, in the region of Voronezh. Among the participants of the event were representatives from Rossosh Residential School, Sholokhov Residential School in Boguchar, Khrenovoe Special-Care Residential School, Talovaya Residential School and the Gorozhanka Cossack Cadet Corps School in the region of Voronezh.

The winners of the competition were awarded badges that could be immediately exchanged for sweet treats. At the end of the event the Foundation presented „Druzhba” children’s camp with new sports equipment, such as jump ropes, balls, badminton and table tennis kit etc.

On July 1, sports games were held in Stary Oskol Сhildren’s Home in the region of Belgorod. The Foundation also prepared gifts for all the kids: jump ropes, chess sets, kick scooters, badminton and table tennis kit, volleyball, basketball and soccer balls, and many other things.

After grouping into four teams and choosing captains, the kids enthusiastically threw balls into bag-hoops, jumped over a long skipping rope, skied while pretending to be a „caterpillar”, played mega-volleyball, pulled a tightrope simultaneously in four directions and even fired a slingshot.

On July 8, the kids from Verhniy Lyubazh Residential School in the region of Kursk competed in tests of their speed and skill. Among the new sports equipment donated by the Foundation were football boots, kick scooters, inflatable swimming pools, etc.

The „Summer of Fun” project includes providing the sponsored children’s social care institutions with sports equipment, organising holidays in children’s summer camps, as well as various forms of entertainment and sporting events, some of which were held in May-June 2014 in Mytischi Children’s Home and Music School and Lyudinovo Residential School.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation’s „Summer of Fun — 2014” project covers five regions, i.e. the sponsored social care institutions of the Belgorod, Kursk, Voronezh, Kaluga and Moscow regions.

Photo — event in Stary Oskol Сhildren’s Home.


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