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Technologies of the Future in Russian Children's Homes

Working on the touch table is very easy. It requires only a light touch of the finger tips to move, rotate, scroll, zoom, group objects, open files and launch programs.

This device has such a simple interface that it can be used even by the youngest pupils, including those with cognitive disabilities and musculoskeletal disorders. These factors were given special consideration when developing the technology.

Another advantage of this device is the way it allows group learning. The device is able to recognise several simultaneous touches, thus allowing the interactive surface to be used by several people — for example, simulating a musical instrument, drawing, studying maps, virtual travelling in space and time, etc.

The main educational principle of the system is learning through play, i.e. children are not forced but rather gradually engage in the process of learning that contributes to the fulfilment of their creative potential and the development of social skills. By bringing bright and vivid demonstration material to life, literally with their own hands, children learn more enthusiastically about the world around them and make incredible discoveries.

The Lipetsk Residential School, the Lyudinovo Special-Care Residential School and the Novoandrosovo Children’s Home are the first child-care institutions in Russia to be equipped with such advanced equipment.