Renovation Completed at Oktyabrskaya Residential School with the Support of the Foundation

20 November 2013

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation sponsored the complete renovation of the Oktyabrskaya Residential School for orphans with disabilities in the Kastorensky District of the Kursk Region. This was the first large-scale renovation at the Residential school in the 44 years of its work.

In November 2011, the Foundation proposed the renovation of the school, in the Kastorensky District of the Kursk Region in Russia, which at that time did not meet the technical requirements and was not able to provide quality medical support or rehabilitation to its disabled charges (mental disabilities and musculoskeletal disorders).

In 2012 the comprehensive reconstruction of the institution began. The completion of all the essential work took only one year. This included the redevelopment and repair of the existing buildings of the school: a former academic building reconstructed into dormitories; the former dormitories were turned into medical and administrative facilities. Further construction plans include a gas boiler house. The dining hall was also renovated, with the installation of extra catering and laundry facilities. The school’s handicraft workshops were also renovated. The classrooms, which are now located on the ground floor of a three-storey building belonging to the Oktyabrskaya Secondary School, also underwent some necessary transformations. Buildings that were in a state of disrepair were demolished. The financial support from the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation amounted to more than 94 million roubles.

The renovated Oktyabrskaya Residential School opened on November 19, 2013.

The director of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation, Maria Krasnikova said: “The reconstruction of the Oktyabrskaya Residential School is the largest social support project of the Foundation so far. Two years ago, the school in Lachinovo was virtually condemned. Today, it is a social care facility that meets all modern requirements. I’m sure this experience will encourage the implementation of further, equally successful and large-scale programs. Currently, the Foundation is supporting 26 institutions in 7 regions of the Russian Federation. 6 more new cooperation projects in 4 regions are currently at the negotiation stage”.

“Our children’s home has turned into a real fairytale city,” — said the director of the Oktyabrskaya Residential School, Nina Usova, — “beautiful buildings, well-kept grounds, numerous paths with coloured tiles, flower beds, a new fence, excellent lighting — all this creates a feeling of comfort, care and warmth. In addition, the Foundation purchased new toys for our children, upholstered the furniture, potted new plants, laid carpets and installed new playground equipment”.

In a parallel project, the Foundation is supporting the renovation of the medical unit at Kursk Residential School No. 2, which will host the pupils with musculoskeletal system disorders transferred from the Oktyabrskaya Residential School, for timely, medical and rehabilitative care.


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