Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya in London

02 June 2014

The Mossovet State Academic Theatre of Moscow successfully brought its interpretations of Anton Chekhov’s plays to Wyndham’s Theatre from 23 April to 3 May in the framework of the UK-Russia Year of Culture with the support of the Art, Science and Sport Foundation.

British viewers had the chance to see two theatrical pieces authored by Anton Chekhov and staged by Andrei Konchalovsky: Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya starring Alexander Domogarov, Julia Vysotskaya, Pavel Derevyanko, Alexander Filippenko, Vladas Bagdonas, Natalia Vdovina etc.

“In London I have presented my own interpretation of Chekhov, the way I see this great writer’s work and the way I believe it should be presented on the stage” — the famous Russian director told the British press.

The tour was an absolute success. Three Sisters and Uncle Vanya were played thirteen times over nine days making it the largest theatre tour in recent history (the Russian Ballet being the only other to boast such a large scale tour).

The tickets were completely sold-out despite the fact that the plays were performed in Russian with subtitles. It wasn’t just the British theatre-going public, London critics and journalists also expressed great enthusiasm for Russian theatre and immediately reacted to this high-profile event in the theatrical world with resounding articles and reviews:

“The combination of dramatic flair with practical authenticity proves seductive ... To put it bluntly, these Russians simply own Chekhov.”

The Financial Times

“Founded in 1923 Mossovet State Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in Moscow, but this is its first visit to London as part of the UK-Russia year of culture. The company is a close-knit ensemble: their acting is edgy and intimate.”

“Konchalovsky in his theatre work beautifully merges a hyper-traditional style with clear and quirky elements of innovation. His is a subtle, but powerful approach that deeply satisfies the traditionalist in you, while heartily engaging that part of you that wants artists to take chances.”

2014 is the UK-Russia Cross-Year of Culture. This global project focuses on strengthening cultural ties between the two countries through cultural exchange.

The Art, Science and Sport Foundation fully supports events initiated by cultural figures in theatre, architecture, painting, music, literature and other forms of art.


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