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The Results of the 10th To my future project meeting

The retreat having become traditional brought together 100 best students of children’s social institutions from 16 regions of the country, namely:

  • The Republic of North Ossetia — Alania
  • Vologda Oblast
  • Kursk Oblast
  • Udmurtian Republic
  • Lipetsk Oblast
  • Kaluga Oblast
  • Oryol Oblast
  • Orenburg Oblast
  • Ryazan Oblast
  • Krasnodar Krai
  • Belgorod Oblast
  • Tula Oblast
  • Zabaykalsky Krai
  • The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  • Astrakhan Oblast
  • Amur Oblast

The anniversary retreat turned out to be truly creative: each participant got an opportunity to make a choice based on his or her own experience and bring his or her talent to a new level.

As Karina Fatullaeva, Head of the Project “To my future”, commented, “The meeting was aimed at developing significant personal competencies of the project participants, which greatly simplified the process of creative self-realization and prepared the children for social responsibility.”

For three weeks, the children participated in a variety of educational, sports, and entertainment events — intellectual games, quests, trainings and master classes, creative and sports workshops, and also talked with tutors. The retreat completely immersed the project participants into the specifics of creative occupations and helped them to understand themselves.

In addition to general sessions, the educational program included group lessons by leagues, which resulted in a real festival of creative projects:

  • The Production League: the guys were introduced to blogging, photo and video editing. The result was a photo exhibition.
  • The Musical League: there were meetings with experts in music on how to write your own musical composition — words and music.
  • The Art League: the guys studied the history of arts to develop their own art objects. The result was a thematic art exhibition “What Dreams May Come”.
  • The Dance League: it was about learning the basics of inventing your own choreography to create your own dance style. Upon completion, the guys presented a dance of their own choreography.
  • The Theater League: it was about implementation of an immersive show. The guys were both directors and actors of the live action theatre, presenting a real musical.

On June 30, as part of the retreat, the project of theatre and film actress Irina Gorbacheva “I Dance In Moscow” was implemented, aimed at internal emancipation, “It has become a good tradition to meet with the guys from the project ‘To my future’ in the Smena camp. We hope that my team and I, as adult and experienced mentors, could help the children to become even bolder, freer and more self-confident.” More than 40 students of the project “To my future” participated in dance sessions.

Moreover, trainings and master classes from the stars were held within the leagues of the anniversary retreat:

  • Champion of Russia in beatbox Taras Stanin told the participants about the specifics of such a musical direction as beatbox, shared his experience in this field, and also taught the guys the very process of beatboxing.
  • Сhoreographer of the Igor Krutoy’s producer centre, Stas Alekhin, told the participants how to listen to their bodies properly, and shared the tricks of inventing their own choreography.
  • Eugenia Malyshko, a guide and social activist, for the first time hold a training session on the life of blind people in a big city, their social adaptation and inclusion in modern society. This unique experience was made possible through interaction of the Special View program for supporting people with visual impairments and the project “To my future”.
  • Konstantin Zabotin, a participant of the first season of the Songs on TNT, held a workshop on the topic of musical harmony of the body and soul, shared his experience in participation in a TV project.
  • Stanislav Kurokhtin, an international couch for young people, conducted trainings on teamwork and leadership development, literally making the guys relax and feel each other.

The anniversary retreat also hosted the First All-Russian Meeting of Directors of Social Institutions, participants of the project “To my future”. During this meeting, special features of occupations in demand were determined for each of the participating regions. This helped to make corrections in anticipation of the launch of the textbook on vocational guidance in the autumn.

The dream team ranked second for dancing in the Smena camp. All the guys received valuable prizes at the end of the season. Volunteers, who were this year graduates of the project, employees of social institutions, and students of pedagogical universities, have been and are an important part of the anniversary session. The new season will come very soon. Be in time for becoming a part of the project!