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Webinar with Beatboxer and Musician Vakhtang Kalandadze

Vahtang is a real musical revolution, a person who has created and is successfully developing a new musical genre based on creating rhythms using the voice only. Vahtang is the champion of Europe in beatbox, eight-time champion of Russia, vice-champion of the world and president of the Beatbox Federation. At the webinar, he told how he achieved the success, what helped and what, on the contrary, stopped him on that path.

After the webinar, Vakhtang Kalandadze, the beatboxer and musician, told the participants of the project “To My Future”, “I believe in everything bright and kind; for me, this is the essence of development. Therefore, first, be yourself, get rid of all bad things, and second, find a profession, a job that you like, even if just a little. Love does not always happen at first sight, you need to look closely at everything. If you are engaged in your favourite activities with a pure soul and an open heart, everything will work out”.

The project “To My Future” has been implemented by the “Art, Science and Sport” Charity Foundation since 2013, and it prepares teenagers, who find themselves in a difficult life situation, for independent living and choosing a profession. In 2018, the charity project celebrates its fifth anniversary.

Project activities are divided into three areas:

  • Conducting online webinars in orphanages throughout Russia (2 webinars per week annually from October to May)
  • Organization of off-site events for the most active participants of webinars (2 times a year, 100 teenagers participate in each event)
  • Mentoring as active work with students of pedagogical universities and volunteer organizations

In 2016, the project “To My Future” was awarded a diploma of the 4th Annual Program “The Best Social Projects of Russia” of the “Social Projects” Foundation in the nomination “Projects in Support of Socially Vulnerable People”.