New Season of “A Future with Confidence” Begins

02 October 2015

An introductory webinar to the “A Future with Confidence” project for the opening of the 2015/2016 season was held on October 1. It was a meeting of old friends and an introduction to the project’s new participants, discussing plans and looking at the technical features and content of in a “questions and answers session”.

An exciting learning process lies ahead, full of serious challenges and new discoveries, to conclude in March 2016. Within six months the results will be summed up and the participants will be eligible to exchange points scored for prizes.

The introductory webinar also mentioned that the results of the children who took part in all of the project’s prior seasons will be evaluated in 2018 and the most talented participants will win a trip abroad for an individual training programme.

“A Future with Confidence” was launched by The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation in 2013 for the purpose of helping teenagers who find themselves in difficult life situations adapt into society, and by early 2014 it had incorporated 10 social care institutions from 5 different regions of the Russian Federation. To date, the project unites 16 institutions from Belgorod, Vologda, Voronezh, Kaluga, Kursk, Lipetsk, Moscow, Orel and Orenburg regions. The number of participants has increased from 120 to 200 people compared to last season.


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