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VII Festival of Science

The purpose of the Festival is to demonstrate the latest achievements in science, to attract and retain young people to science and education. The organizers of the Festival of Science are the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Moscow City Government, and the Ministry of Education of Russia. The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation has supported the event organizers.

The Foundation also organized a trip to the Festival for the students of the Southwest State University (Kursk, Russia). The University has become one of the participants of the Festival of Science, presenting its advanced projects and developments. For several years, the SSU has been operating a student design bureau, engaged in researching, developing and designing small spacecraft and space exploration equipment. Its most famous project was a micro-satellite KEDR (Radioskaf-B), which was launched into orbit from the ISS in August 2011. The University also has a radio club Sporadik. One of the jobs of the club is to organize live radio bridges with the ISS crew.

At its Festival booth, the Southwest State University presented the stages of development, testing and launching the micro-satellite KEDR, and the technologies behind its scientific equipment. The booth’s visitors saw documentary films about the activities of the design bureau and its projects. At its booth, the University also offered information about its teaching activities and facilities, its research and taught subjects.

This was the first time the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation was a partner of the event. The Foundation plans to cooperate with the Festival of Science in the future, supporting its fresh and interesting projects.