7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum

From November 15 to November 17, 2018, the “Art, Science and Sport” Foundation took a traditional part in the 7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

The topic of 2018 was “Culture as a Strategic Potential of the Country”, emphasizing the significant role of culture in the development of Russia and its high status in the country.

At the 7th St. Petersburg Forum, more than 400 events were held for cultural professionals and public. One of the important topics for discussion was social and cultural inclusion as a mechanism for creating an accessible cultural environment for disabled people.

As part of the inter-sectional program of the cultural forum, the talk show “Social and cultural inclusion: how to provide disabled people with limitless cultural possibilities” was conducted in the Main Staff of the Hermitage. Representatives of theatres and museums working in this direction took part in the discussion. During the talk show, they discussed the experience, achievements and difficulties of the Russian regions on the way to creating an accessible environment and content for people with different developmental disorders.

Ksenia Dmitrieva, the manager of the “Special View” program, told about the inclusive portal “Special View”, in particular, about its role in creating accessible information content, “It is very important for us to create an inclusive social and cultural environment, which is one of the priorities of the ‘Special View’ program. The problem of lack of an accessible cultural environment for disabled people has become more acute than ever, especially in the light of an active state social and cultural policy aimed at the protection of the rights of the disabled. It is necessary to ensure the informational availability of creative events. We should also arrange educational programs and workshops that not only allow for sharing the experience of staging inclusive performances, but also for jointly developing an accessible environment and providing equal opportunities to people with different health disorders.”

In addition, the Foundation representatives together with representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation participated in a round table titled “Modern Methods for Assessing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Activities in the Field of Social and Cultural Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons”, which was conducted as part of the “Special View” program.

Together with workers of culture and representatives of large businesses, the “Art, Science and Sport Foundation” participated in the business breakfast arranged by the Forbes magazine, at which the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Medinsky, discussed with the participants the need for investment in culture, measures implemented today by Russian business to promote the philanthropy development, and existing problems and barriers.

An interesting event at the forum was the discussion session titled “Urbi et orbi: the Experience of Changing the Living Environment Through Cultural Projects”, at which the Foundation shared its experience in implementing own projects of the АРТ-OKNO platform with participants from Russia, Qatar, and the UK. The speakers talked about the role of culture in the development of cities and regions and discussed how culture can activate all actors of urban space, give impetus to the development of education and diversification of the economy, help solve individual social problems.

Fatima Mukhomedzhan, Deputy Director of the Foundation, commented on the importance of culture for the development of regions, “The Foundation pays great attention to the support of cultural development of the regions, because we are convinced that culture is of paramount, strategic importance for regions as it can either create conditions for the self-fulfilment of a common person or encourage him or her to search for a more favourable social and cultural environment.”

Foundation representatives told about the role of the cultural platform ART-OKNO in the development of small towns that is to establish a connection between professional, state institutions and the lifestyle of small towns. In order to successfully implement cultural practices in a town, we need to explore its history, identity features and base on them in the design and implementation of projects. It is important to understand the cultural identity of each town. Single-industry towns that were created around enterprises, in fact, have no local identity. In this case, it is important to create artistic patterns corresponding to the spirit of the place.

Picture: TASS

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7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum
7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum
7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum
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