The “Artists of the Murzilka Magazine. 1924-2013” Art Album


There is hardly a single Russian adult today, who didn’t read Murzilka when they were little. In 2014, the children’s magazine celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Murzilka Magazine, a monthly literary and art publication for children, is the only dedicated children’s magazine which in 2011 was included in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the longest running children’s magazine”.

Over the years, Murzilka has gathered a priceless collection of works by some of the best Russian and Soviet illustrators: Yuri Vasnetsov, Evgeniy Charushin, Vladimir Lebedev, Georgiy Pimenov, Arcady Plastov, Yevgeny Rachev, Andrey Bray, Tatiana Mavrina, Victor Chizhikov, Ilya Kabakov, Lev Tokmakov, Galina Makaveeva, Nikolai Ustinov, Boris Diodorov and many others. Their works have since become classics of children’s book illustration and have made a significant contribution to the cultural and historical heritage of the country, a part of which is cherished, preserved and contributed to by Murzilka.

To celebrate the anniversary, the magazine staff prepared a unique publication; an art album that gathered the works of more than 200 graphic artists published in the magazine over the 90 years.

The publishers distributed the album at various educational institutions and libraries across Russia, free of charge.

The Art Album “Artists of the Murzilka Magazine. 1924-2014” was awarded the prize of the National Literature Award Book of the Year 2013, in the category “Art Books”.

The publication was sponsored by the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.