Revolution: New Art for a New World, a documentary film


In the run-up to the centenary of the Russian Revolution of 2017, the documentary feature film Revolution: New Art for a New World was produced by Foxtrot Films in 2016 with the support of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.

Directed and produced by the British filmmaker Margy Kinmonth, Revolution: New Art for a New World encapsulates a momentous period in the history of Russia and the Russian Avant-Garde and tells the stories of artists like Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich, and others.

In the making of Revolution: New Art for a New World, the film-makers were given exclusive access to the collections of The State Tretyakov Gallery, The State Russian Museum, The State Hermitage Museum and The Royal Academy of Arts, London. Participants include museum directors, curators, historians, as well as the descendants of the featured artists.

The film features paintings, sculptures, porcelain, photographs, and posters. Revolution: New Art for a New World explores the works of Malevich and Petrov-Vodkin, the constructivism of Tatlin and Rodchenko, the works of the analytical realist Pavel Filonov, and the early socialist realism of Isaak Brodsky and Aleksander Deyneka.

“When working on the film, I was inspired, as an artist, to discover how many of the

descendants of Russian Avant-Garde artists are themselves today”, said Margy Kinmonth, the director. Access to their intensely moving stories brings to life this extraordinary period of artistic

innovation, which continues to exert such a powerful legacy a hundred years on.“

The documentary film was screened at the Haifa and Cambridge international film festivals in October 2016. It is being considered for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award in the “documentary film” category.

The film opened in theatres in the UK, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Malta in Autumn 2016.

It will run in Europe, the USA, Canada and New Zealand in the Winter and Spring of 2017.

Russian viewers will have the chance to see Revolution: New Art for a New World in Autumn 2017.