Kinopoeziya Educational Project


The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation supports the Kinopoeziya educational and enlightenment project.

The author of the idea and the artistic director of the project is the Meritorious Artist of Russia Anatoly Bely, an actor at the Anton Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

The project is directed towards creating a new genre of ‘poetic mini-films’ in the contemporary art sphere, which would combine elements of poetry and cinematography. The goal of the project is to increase public interest in poetry, including among school-children and youth, and to render its depth and wisdom with the help of modern tools and visual content that is familiar to contemporary audiences.

As part of the project, professional directors, actors, musicians, and cultural figures assist in creating short films based on classical and contemporary Russian works of poetry.

Kinopoeziya presents poetry through the prism of personalized readings by film directors, submersing the audience in a world of metaphors, images, associations, and meanings. The poetic mini-films present the opportunity to both hear and see poetry in a new light.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation became the first sponsor of the Kinopoeziya project. With the financial support of the Foundation, four mini-films were created based on the poems of A. S. Pushkin: “I loved you ...”, “Keep me, my talisman...”, “On the hills of Georgia...” and “The 19th of October”.

Participants in the filming included actors Sergei Bezrukov, Artur Smolyaninov, and Anatoly Bely as well as musician Alexei Kortnev. The directors of the films were Ivan Oganesov, Viktor Vokhmintsev, and Anna Matison.

With the support of the Foundation, Kinopoeziya produced a short film in honour of the 225th anniversary since the birth of Sergey Aksakov, based on his poem ‘Here is my motherland...’, with the participation of the project’s author Anatoly Bely.

The presentation of the project took place on 6 June 2016 in the summer theatre of the Muzeon Park of Arts in Moscow. The event was supported by the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation and was presented as a poetic evening.

With the support of the Foundation, the Kinopoeziya project was also presented in 2016 at the ‘East & West. Classic and Avant-garde’ International Film Festival in Orenburg and at the 5th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum in the Northern Capital.