St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Theatre


The Imperial Mikhailovsky Theatre opened in 1833, on the orders of Emperor Nicholas I. In the XX century it employed artists known not only in Russia but throughout the world. Throughout its history, the theatre was renamed several times; its historic name was returned in 2001. Today, faithful to centuries-old traditions of the Russian musical theatre, Mikhailovksy strives to keep abreast with the contemporary world theatre scene.

The theatre’s repertoire is mainly comprised of classical masterpieces of Russian and foreign musical theatre. A particular emphasis is placed on the most important works of 19-20 century European opera and ballet, especially the pieces that have not been staged in Russia yet. In 2010, the theatre premiered the ballet, Laurencia, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the famous choreographer Vakhtang Chabukiani. The production was brought to life by Mikhail Messerer, one of the most famous and popular ballet teachers in the world, who collaborated with the Mikhailovsky as its Chief Choreographer for two years.

In 2011 the new Artistic Director of the Mikhailovsky ballet troupe was appointed — a celebrated Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato, who presented his ballet Prelude to the music of Handel, Beethoven and Britten. The premiere took place on 14 June.

The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation is a partner of the Mikhailovksy Theatre’s productions Laurencia and Prelude.