Moscow Theatre Et Cetera, Artistic Director Alexander Kalyagin


Alexander Kalyagin is one of the most prominent contemporary Russian actors of stage and film. His theatrical career began at the Taganka Theatre. Then he worked in the M.N. Yermolova Theatre, and after was invited by Oleg Yefremov to the Sovremennik. Later, with the same legendary actor Yefremov he moved on to the Moscow Art Theatre, where he worked for nearly thirty years. He has also led a quite brilliant film career. Alexander Kalyagin was invited to star in the films of Abram Room, Michael Schweitzer, Nikita Mikhalkov and many other famous Russian directors.

In 1992, Alexander Kalyagin created his own theatre “Et Cetera”. Today, it is one of the most popular and talked about Moscow theatres. The unfamiliar plays, fresh playwrights, new names, talented directors — the Artistic Director of the Theatre tends to amaze both the professionals and ordinary appreciators of the theatrical art. In 2005, the Government of Moscow constructed a unique new building for the Theatre Et Cetera in Turgenev Square. Et Cetera tours extensively and takes part in Russian and international festivals.

On May 25, 2012 Alexander Kalyagin celebrated his 70th birthday. To honour the occasion Et Cetera organised a jubilee concert, Jester’s Feast. In his speech, Mr. Kalyagin recalled some of his best roles and collaborators: “I’ve already proven everything to everybody, both myself and you. Through my roles... My roles: Chichikov! Aunt Charlie! Lenin! Platonov! Aesop! Trigorin! Don Quijote! Sherlock! Prospero! Most actors dream of starring in at least one of such roles! I’ve worked with Efros, Yefremov, Yevstigneev, Vertinskaya, Savina, Smoktunovsky, Schweitzer, Mikhalkov, Ginkas... Other would have been flattered to just stand a few minutes next to them, whereas I’ve spent years rehearsing, playing, living through luck, misfortune and great parties with them!”

The jubilee concert, Jester’s Feast, was sponsored by the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation.