The Association of Winter Olympic Sports


The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation promotes the development of Winter Olympic Sports and regularly donates to the Association of Winter Olympic Sports.

The Association of Winter Olympic Sports (AWOS) unites various public winter Olympic sports associations of Russia.

The main objectives of the Association are to promote the state policy on sports which is aimed at the establishment and development of popular sports in Russia, as well as bringing regional and youth sport to the foreground.

The AWOS defines the following key priorities as its initiatives: assistance in creating the right conditions to train highly qualified coaches and judges, identification and selection of the most promising young athletes, support of construction and maintenance of specialised sports facilities, building up the material and technical base of sports clubs, youth teams, etc. The Association organises the publication and dissemination of informational and educational materials, supports research, and participates in the drafting of legislation on national sports. Another essential aspect of the AWOS’s work is fundraising and search for sponsors for various projects related to the development of Russian sports.