The Amateur Rowing Association


The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation sponsored the Amateur Rowing Association of Russia so that it could achieve a programme of revival, development and popularisation of rowing in Russia.

The main objectives of the Association are: promoting of rowing, water recreation and boating; improving the culture of behaviour on the water, encouraging healthy lifestyles as well as developing popular rowing and rowing in higher education.

Rowing was first brought to and spread around Russia in the era of Peter the Great, who attached great importance to professional training. However, the official history of Russian rowing starts in 1860, when the Rules for Rowing and Gig Navigation were approved in St. Petersburg, and the first elite rowing clubs began to spring up across the country.

In the early 1920s, rowing was no longer an elite niche and became a truly national sport. It was a popular way to keep fit and have fun, but there were also those who sought success at the highest professional level. And the results were not long in coming; the victories of Soviet athletes at the Olympics, World Championships and other prestigious competitions followed one after another.

Over the past two decades, the prestige of Russian professional rowers went into a marked decline. Established in 2010, the year of the 150th anniversary of Russian national rowing, the Amateur Rowing Association actively engages in the restoration and preservation of the glorious traditions of Russian rowing.

In 2013, the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation sponsored the Amateur Rowing Association to organise training camps, participate in Russian and international competitions, and to purchase the necessary sports equipment.