The “Olympic Hopes” Programme for the development of popular sport in Russia


The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation supported the Russian Olympic Committee’s “Olympic Hopes” Programme designed to give a powerful impetus for the development of popular sports in the country and to establish an effective system for laying the foundations for high performance sports.

The priority of “Olympic Hopes” is to improve the efficacy of physical education and sports development in educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities). The program is targeted at children, adolescents and their parents and involves extensive work to inform the public about the scope and types of physical activity needed for harmonious development of the younger generation.

The program suggests ways of modernising physical education, as well as the means of implementing change. This means making use of modern technology, like social networks, by working in cooperation with the largest websites on the internet. It also means engaging in active outreach work, using all available media forms, ranging from themed poster-fairs at educational institutions and sports centres all the way up to joint projects with federal TV channels. Many olympic athletes get involved on these projects both as experts and as participants in promotional campaigns and much more.

The Programme is managed by the “Sports for All” Commission of the Russian Olympic Committee as well as Olympic Councils and Olympic Academies operating in the regions. Volunteers and public organisations of the Russian Federation are invited to help implement the Programme.