The Russian Football Union


The Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation runs and supports various projects in the field of sports and physical exercise. The development and promotion of football in Russia is one of the priorities of the Foundation. Within this framework, the Foundation actively cooperates with the Russian Football Union (RFU), an organisation controlling the development of Russian football.

The Foundation supports the initiatives of the RFU to develop children’s, female, amateur, beach, and student football, as well as football for the veterans and the disabled.

The joint efforts of the Art, Science and Sport Charity Foundation and RFU are leading to the growing popularity of football among children, youth and women.

These efforts create opportunities for sporting involvement of people with disabilities and the elderly and strive to popularise football as a leisure activity. As a result of this work, the prestige of football among the population is growing, along with the increasing number of football fans. Among other measures, this realistically contributes to the improvement of the physical and psychological health of Russian citizens.